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Revitalizing African languages

Learning languages is integral and beneficial to the development of children but also adults. It is never too early or too late to master a new tongue. Our Diaspora Language Learning Centre (DLLC) is a pillar of our value system.


We believe in the importance of not only learning colonial languages such as English and French but the various rich languages that are spoken in various motherlands and beyond the diaspora. Languages in Africa and other parts of the global south are sometimes portrayed as lesser value but we would like to reintroduce some of these languages to individuals in the diaspora.


Our languages are in dying need of revitalization and we have a mission to do just that! In the coming months we hope to expand our language range to Swahili, Twi, Amharic, Oromo, Ishang, Zulu, Shona and so much more!

Check out some of our language courses below brought to you by certified teachers in the diaspora!


As one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, Igbo is a main language spoken by millions in Nigeria and the diaspora. The Igbo people are from Eastern Nigeria and full of rich culture. Also referred to as Ibo, this language has  its variances in Enugu, Imo, Delta, Anambra and many more parts of the country.  This course is available for people of all ages, whether this is your mother tongue or you're a lover of languages ready to embark on a virtual journey to the depths of Eastern Nigeria. If you're a parent or family member wanting to encourage the younger generation to master their mother tongue, this course is a perfect match.


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House in Guinea Bissau

I'm an Igbo teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching at international schools in Nigeria. I also a published Igbo language textbook widely used in institutions around the country.


French is an official language in over 25 countries and spoken by 270 million people worldwide. In countries such as Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium, French is widely spoken. As a result of Colonialism French is also a staple in many African countries (Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast, Congo etc.). In many regions of the world, mastering French language as asset to daily life as well as in the educational and professional setting. French as a second language is highly favourable in the job market. Whether you're a native wanting to improve your french ability or a beginner who wants to increase your job attainability, we have a tutor for you!

- Young students are advised to improve their French ability for future opportunities!


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Lagos Nigeria

Yoruba is an official African language in Nigeria, Congo and Benin but its reach spans around the diaspora. It is a native dialect of over 55 million people around the world. In Lagos, Nigeria, aside from english, Yoruba is a commonly spoken language by other ethnic groups as a result of its popularity. In some Caribbean regions, there are many references to Yoruba culture and language. The language itself is special in the way that its form highlights respect for one's elders but also juniors. Our course offers a curriculum that will assist you to learning how to read, write and have conversation in Yoruba no matter your background or age.

Ba wo ni o? That means hello or how are you in Yoruba! I hope to teach you not only common phrases in our great language but also how to read and write! I have 10+ years teaching Yoruba language in many Nigerian schools to people of all ages.


Hausa is a Chadic language spoken by up to 150 million people around the world. It also stands as the largest African Indigenous language still around till date! It is an official language spoken in Nigeria, Niger and Ghana. The Hausa people are the largest ethnic Sub-Saharan African group. Dialects vary around the regions but its similarities remains strong due to its ancient roots in Arabic. This course is perfect for learners of all backgrounds whether natives or novice. Enroll now to elevate your Hausa language skills from beginner to advanced.


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 Edo is a language commonly spoken by the people of Southern Nigeria, primarily in Edo State. Edo is known as a royal language due to its origins in the Benin Empire. This volto-Niger language is also known as Benin, Bini, Addo, Oviedo or Ovioba. There is a significant amount of Edo people in the Canadian, British and American diaspora and beyond. Students are encouraged to learn Edo due to its rich history, culture and art and communicate with a large indigenous population both in Nigeria and abroad.



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Is there a language you would love to see us provide? 

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