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Ages 4-18 

DLC offers an array of what we categorize as academic basics. These are subjects considered as building blocks of every child's academic journey. With a focus on courses such as mathematics (numeracy), literacy and science (foundations) children and youth pre-kindergarten all the way to secondary school are equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet and exceed academic targets.


Our Tutors utilize either the student's personal syllabus and/or the host country's curriculum to create Individual Educational Plans that fits the need of your child. Lessons are personalized to each student's needs while providing clarification and homework assistance when needed. 

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Calculators? Those wont be needed here! Our teachers are going to equip your child with the skills needed to excel in mental math, long division, estimation, measurements and more. Each student will build their foundations in numeracy, arithmetic, geometry, algebra and even calculus. Too good to believe? Try us out!

JK - Grade 12


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Develop your child's writing, reading and listening skills of the English language. While this is not a language course, it is sure to provide more tips and tricks for students to become articulate writers in various subjects through developing refined vocabulary and building sentence structures. 

JK - Grade 12


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Sciences (Basics + Core)

Grade 3 - Grade 12

Science is everywhere! From the oxygen we breathe to gravity that holds us down and even our senses. Let one of our experienced science teacher provide your child with the basics of understanding biology, physics and chemistry. With knowledge in these areas, each student receives a solid foundation and the tools needed to ace these subject areas in their classrooms and future careers.

By providing your child's school syllabus and learning outcomes for the school year, DLC's tutors will tailor weekly lessons around each student's individual needs.

Check out our Diaspora Language Learning Centre for more engaging courses.

Revolutionizing African langauges!


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