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Nurturing the Academic Potential of Black Children & Youth in the Diaspora

Your child could be our next A+ hero!

The Social Problem

"Black children and youth are not underachievers. They are made to succeed in school systems that undermine their academic potential"

Although many believe black youths underachieve due to lower aspirations, socio-economic background and lower level of education, evidence gathered by statistics Canada in 2016 indicates that “nearly all Black youth aged 15 to 25 indicated that they wanted a university degree (94%), compared with 82% of other youth in the same age group”.

Recent studies suggest factors such as academic streaming inequalities, disparities in special education and gifted programs, grade retention practices, school suspensions and biased teacher-guidance counsellor recommendations.

Statistic Canada (2016) shows that negative preconceptions of the academic potential of black youth is common among education professionals. As a result, a significant amount of black youth become less optimistic in their ability to succeed in an education system categorizes them as low achievers.

"Reports indicate that Black students are underrepresented by as much as 55% nationally in gifted education"

The Financial Problem

"Private tutoring services are a popular method to help children succeed academically, but what happens to parents like myself who can't afford $50/hour?"

Private tutoring ranges between $30/hour - $80/hour depending on class size, teacher quality and personalization.

 “steep costs of hiring private educators and tutors, an option expert say few can afford and will likely widen an already glaring education gap”. 

When black and/or low-income parents are faced with issues regarding their “underachieving” child, there are a limited amount of affordable high-quality tutoring services that working households can afford.

These issues are more heightened in black communities as the pandemic intensifies socio-economic and racial disparities



Our mentorship and teaching models will connect black students with leaders and educators from their communities and the wider diaspora. Evidence suggests the importance of diversity in education – pairing young people up with successful adults who look like them can close achievement gaps of ethnic minorities.

At our core, we are a  social enterprise with a passion for providing affordable access to quality education for black children and youth in the diaspora. We believe in revolutionizing our communities across the diaspora through education and the revitalization of the rich dialects and languages found across Africa. Performance gaps by race and social class take root in the earliest years of children’s lives and fail to narrow in the years that follow. Our goal is to intervene during these crucial years.  Through providing access to our services, we fill in the gaps that current schools’ systems perpetuate.

We offer courses in academic basics and languages for children and youth, from pre-kindergarten all the way to secondary school.  We also cover home languages such as Igbo and Yoruba as research shows that education in home languages improves overall academic performance and helps students acclimate and learn better.

Our Promise...

To Our Valued Students:

Diaspora Learning Centre (DLC) through the commitment and passion of our instructors, commit to providing high-quality and personalized services to enhance your educational needs through: ​

  • Building a safe space to explore your academic strengths, learning style and areas of improvement.

  • Delivering reliable educational service that adheres to high academic standards along with patience and commitment to each student

  • Creating a interactive learning environment that is culturally aware and nurturing

  • Providing progress reports at the end of each month to monitor both small and large academic victories!

To Our Valued Teachers:

Diaspora Learning Centre (DLC) considers our educators at the core of our business. Your knowledge passion and commitment drives our growth but most importantly nurtures the academic potential of every student. We promise to 

  • Provide the opportunity expand your knowledge of online education

  • Create an extra stream of income while stretching your reach to nurture young minds in the diaspora 

  • Build a family-like environment that incorporates your dreams right here at DLC! 

  • Implement a reward system for outstanding tutors at the end of each quarter

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